Partnership implemented in
  • Japan

Additional information
World Water Forum


Government of Japan

Major Groups:

Secretariat of the 3rd World Water Forum (WWF3) (Japan)
World Water Council (WWC) (France)
Global Water Partnership (GWP) (Sweden)

Partnership Overview | Objectives

The 3rd World Water Forum is a golden opportunity for governments, experts, and NGOs to exchange knowledge, experiences and information on proven ¿Actions¿ to solve water problems in the world as well as to discuss wisdom, experiences, and information from each country.

Therefore, making use of this Forum can result in making a ¿commitment¿ to networking partnership among activities which have been conducted separately so far, building networking partnerships regarding water in the world, and establishing the framework for cooperation and collaboration.

In terms of technology, sharing experiences and knowledge can facilitate capacity building of each other. In terms of financing, sharing information can realize the investment effectively and intensively. Furthermore, this initiative will build the networking partnership, which will make it possible to use the initiatives as a means to disseminate, communicate and share information.

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