Partnership implemented in
  • Brazil
  • Cuba
  • South Africa
  • Sweden
  • Viet Nam

Additional information
Global Health and Development


Government of Cuba - Statistical office of Ministry of Health
Government of Mexico - Statistical office of Ministry of Health
Government of South Africa - National Statistical Bureau
Government of Sweden
Government of Viet Nam - Statistical office of Ministry of Health

Major Groups:
Karolinska Institute (Sweden)
Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)
Gapminder (Sweden)
Karolinska Institutet & Lund university (Sweden)
Institute of Public Health (Uganda)
Peoples Health Assembly ()
Universidade Federal de Pelotas ()

UN System:
WHO (Switzerland)

Partnership Overview | Objectives

Main objective To improve the use and quality of global development data by creation of two global public goods.
1. A free user-friendly software for compilation, distribution & display of time series of development data in attractive moving graphics.
2. The free provision of development data in a standard format on the Internet by universities, NGOs, national & international agencies, and eventually develop a quality certification system for these data sets.
The relation with Agenda 21 and MDG is that this project will stimulate widespread monitoring of data on the completion of the goals set out in Agenda 21 and more specifically the Millennium Development Goals. The monitoring of data in itself is expected to stimulate the compilation of more complete data of better quality.

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