Partnership implemented in
  • Belgium

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Government of Belgium - Belgian State Secretariat for Dev. Cooperation

Major Groups:
Africalia (Belgium)

Other intergovernmental organizations:
The European Union (Belgium)

Partnership Overview | Objectives

Africalia was created to set in motion the realization of the objectives laid out in Article 27 of the EU-ACP Cotonou Agreement. The objectives of this article are:
* the inclusion of a cultural dimension in all aspects of development cooperation,
* the facilitating of intercultural dialogue among ACP countries,
* the preservation and valorization of these countries' cultural heritage,
* the development of their cultural industries, and
* the improvement of access for their cultural goods and services to European markets.

Article 27 thus contends that culture can be an important lever of sustainable human development in Africa. The objectives of Africalia derive from this concept. They are:
* to draw attention to the cultural wealth and diversity of the African continent,
* to facilitate the realization of creative and cultural productions in Africa,
* to strengthen the ability of cultural operators to play a constructive role in African society,
* to raise awareness in Belgium of the need for sustainable human development cooperation with Africa

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