Partnership implemented in
  • France
  • Morocco

Additional information
Integrated approach to management of the demand for electricity and urban and industrial development


Government of France - Foreign Affairs Ministry International Cooperation and Development (DGCID)
Government of France - Agency for Envt and Energy Management (ADEME)

Major Groups:
IED (engineering and consultancy firm) (France)
Sidi Bernoussi Zenata industrial zone (IZDIHAR) (Morocco)

Partnership Overview | Objectives

The proposed initiative aims to inform and make managers and businesses in Industrial Zones in Morocco, the Maghreb and developing countries aware of the potential and method of action for modernization tested on the Sidi Bernoussi case. The project aims to facilitate improvement of energy usage and competitiveness of industrial zones, based on an organization that represents the interests of local operators.The specific aim is to successfully implement the pilot phase and its extension throughout Morocco from the sub-region.

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