• Submitted by: Lafarge
  • Primary SD area: SD strategies and policies
  • Keywords: ambitions, 2020, objectives, strategy, sustainable development, circular economy, building sustainably
  • Location: 64 countries
  • Date of completion: 1 Jan 2000
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Deliverables & Resources
Sustainabilty Ambitions 2020

Organization(s) making commitment


Achievement of Commitment

By 2020, the following objectives among others must be met:
- Contribute 1 million volunteer hours /year
- Having 75% of our Country Operations implementing a plan for local job creation
- Increase sales of new sustainable solutions, products and services to 3 ? billion / year
- Enable 2 million people access to affordable and sustainable housing
- Have 25% of our concrete made using some reused or recycled materials
- Use 50% of non fossil fuel in our cement plants by 2020
- Reduce by 33% our CO2 emissions per ton of cement compared to 1990 levels

How this will be achieved

In order for Lafarge to reach its 2020 Ambitions, specific processes must be in place and interim milestones must be met. With this in mind, we have formulated our road map objectives. We plan to report annually on our web site against these objectives. Some of these objectives are on-going, some will disappear as they are met between now and 2020, and new objectives may be added. It is through this process that we can continually challenge ourselves, keep our objectives relevant to the ever changing environment, and assure progress towards our long-term goals. To achieve these ambitions, we need to reinforce our governance. Corporate governance is above all monitored through an Ethical Committee, whose task is to ensure that our Code of Business Conduct is applied throughout the world. It lies at the heart of our approach to sustainability and is grounded in our values of courage, integrity and respect and transparency.

Deliverable Date
have 20% of our concrete containing reused or recycled materials 2020
reach 0 fatalities and virtually eliminate lost-time incidents for our employees and contractors 2020
enable 2 million people to have access to affordable and sustainable housing 2020
reduce by 33% our CO2 emissions per ton of cement compared to 1990 levels 2020

Resources devoted to delivery
Type Details
Staff / Technical expertise R&D Team, Sustainable Development Team, Technical Managers in Business Units
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