• Submitted by: Higher Education Sustainability Initiative (HESI)
  • Primary SD area: Education
  • Keywords: education
  • Location: Venezia, taly
  • Date of completion: 1 Jan 2000
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Deliverables & Resources
Higher Education Sustainability Initiative-UniversitÓ Ca? Foscari Venezia

Organization(s) making commitment

UniversitÓ Ca? Foscari Venezia

Achievement of Commitment

CIS (Commitments on Sustainability Act) for 2012-2014 is committed to achieve targets in the ten areas listed below:
1. Governance
2. Students? Policies
3. Human Resources? Policies
4. Supply Chain
5. Energy
6. Water
7. Materials
8. Waste
9. Mobility
10. Innovation

How this will be achieved

Ca? Foscari University of Venice?s reads sustainability as a cross strategic asset. Knowing that the way to sustainability is complex, both in the synchronous situation and in the evolutionary one, some core areas were defined regarding to the context in which Ca? Foscari is operating.
On July 2010 the Academic Senate approved the first Carta degli impegni di SostenibilitÓ ? CIS (Commitments on Sustainability Act), a policy document summarizing all the commitments brought by the University on the theme of sustainability.
The document is a mid-term tool and the University, on the basis of it, commits on strategic and operative targets that have been split in actions for whom are scheduled precise deadlines and a responsible offices.
All the targets are pursued with transversal projects, through specific action plans in the short and mid-term.

Deliverable Date
CIS (Commitments on Sustainability Act) 2014

Resources devoted to delivery
Type Details
Staff / Technical expertise Expertise of students and staff concerning sustainable development
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