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Higher Education Sustainability Initiative - Chatham University

Organization(s) making commitment

Chatham University

Achievement of Commitment

Chatham University purchase RECS equivalent to 100% of our electricity consumption, but we continue our efforts to reduce our real consumption as far as possible. Our goal is to meet the challenge of producing more green energy than we can use, thus becoming a source of sustainable power even while we are a source for sustainable education.

Our GHG reduction goals for 2015 include a 10% reduction in total scopes 1,2,3 emissions, a 20% reduction in total scopes 1,2,3, and a 10% reduction in purchased electricity emissions, all relative to our 2007 emissions baseline.

How this will be achieved

Sustainability is one of the three strategic mission initiatives at Chatham. A mission initiative is both broad and deep, creating an institutional identity and focus across a range of activities and timeframes, academic and otherwise. Sustainability is a priority of Chathamís Board of Trustees, and included as part of the universityís planning and progress reporting to the Board. Responsibility for implementing the sustainability mission initiative rests with the Presidentís Office and Presidentís Council and their offices.

Working closely together, the Office of Sustainability and Chathamís School of Sustainability and the Environment (SSE) strive to implement the Universityís mission of increasing studentís environmental understanding. Launched in 2009, SSE provides innovative, interdisciplinary education and research opportunities for graduate and professional students to better prepare them to identify and solve challenges related to the environment and sustainability. The Eden Hall Campus, currently under development, will serve as an experiential laboratory for students to learn about sustainable energy systems, integrated design, sustainable landscape architecture, and farming techniques.

Deliverable Date
Chatham University Climate Action Plan 2015
School of Sustainability and the Environment at Eden Hall Campus 2015

Resources devoted to delivery
Type Details
Staff / Technical expertise Expertise of students and staff concerning sustainable development
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