• Submitted by: International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP)
  • Primary SD area: Sustainable Transport
  • Keywords: International, road assessment, iRAP, road safety, infrastructure, star ratings, safety countermeasures, sustainable transport, road safety, child injury prevention, urban sustainability, job creation, Decade of Action, employment, poverty reduction
  • Location: Global
  • Date of completion: 31 Dec 2019
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Deliverables & Resources
iRAP: Creating a world free of high-risk roads

Organization(s) making commitment

International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP)

Achievement of Commitment

iRAP will work together with development bank, government, automobile club and toll road partners to create a world free of high risk roads:
• One and two star roads will be eliminated from the world’s highest volume road networks saving an estimated 1,700,000 deaths and serious injuries a year when achieved by all countries
• Infrastructure-related risk for vehicle occupants, motorcyclists, pedestrians and bicyclists will be assessed on more than a million kilometers of road
• Capacity and knowledge in how to build, design and maintain safe and sustainable road networks will be developed on a global level

How this will be achieved

iRAP will work in partnership with development bank, government and NGO’s to:
• support a global programme of partner countries committed to the elimination of one and two star roads for pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and vehicle occupants.
• inspect high-risk roads and develop Risk Maps, Star Ratings and Safer Roads Investment Plans
• develop safe new road designs through the setting of minimum star rating standards for new designs and inclusion of high-return viable design improvements
• provide training, technology and support that will build and sustain national, regional and local capability
• track road safety performance so that funding agencies can assess the benefits of their investments
• Create and support professional networks between experts in all countries that will provide a sustainable model of mutual support for the delivery of safer roads

Deliverable Date
Global road safety benchmarking and investment tools, training and support provided to all countries who choose to participate in the programme 2012
Regular ‘Vaccines for Roads’ reports that track road safety Star Ratings of roads around the world 2012
High-return Safer Road Investment Plans developed for more than 1,000,000km of road network 2020
More than 100 countries undertaking iRAP assessments and implementing road safety upgrades 2020

Resources devoted to delivery
Type Details
In-kind contribution iRAP has invested over USD3 million in the development and testing of the risk mapping, star rating and investment plan protocols, quality systems and software that are provided free of charge to low and middle income countries worldwide.
Staff / Technical expertise iRAP provides over USD0.5 million of annual staff support to undertake road assessment projects and support active programmes undertaken by partners including road authorities, automobile associations, research institutes and development banks.
Financing (in USD) 50,000,000
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