• Submitted by: United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women)
  • Primary SD area: Technology and innovation
  • Keywords: TRIPLE WIN SITUATION, Recyling of waste materials, diversification of options/expansion of economic opportunities for women including promotion of their participation in market value chain and green technology, improvement in environmental conditions, promotion of women friendly technologies, prototype
  • Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, city administration
  • Date of completion: 31 Dec 2012
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Deliverables & Resources
UN Women: Contributing to women’s empowerment through the promotion of women-friendly, green technologies in Ethiopia

Organization(s) making commitment

UN Women, Addis Ababa Women, Children and Youth Bureau and the Ethiopian Environment Protection Authority. In addition Technical & Vocation, Education and Training Institutes (TVETs), Addis Ababa Micro and Small Enterprise Development Agency and Addis Ababa Micro Finance Institute

Achievement of Commitment

-Increased women’s productivity and production as a result of introduction of new technologies;
-Increased benefit of the target group from the different interventions (financial and non financial support);
-Expanded opportunities for women to participate in and benefit from Market Value Chain development;
-Strong partnership and networking between UN Women, women’s groups and relevant organizations contributing to women’s economic empowerment is established;
-Identification of good practices in terms of promotion of women-friendly, green technologies and potential for replication of this initiative in other sectors, such as agriculture.

How this will be achieved

Addis Ababa Women, children and youth affairs Bureau in collaboration with respective kebele (smallest unit of Govt.adminsitrative structure/ community level) identifies women groups to participate in the initiative. The Addis Ababa micro and small enterprise agency conduct provides skill trainings for selected women groups; the Addis Ababa micro finance institute provides the members of the group with loan following up on the skills training. AA Women, Children and Youth Affairs Bureau in collaboration with UN Women approves the purchase of equipment and machines depending on the type of business identified by the group. The women receive training on how to operate on the machine following up on an official hand over of the equipments and machines. Finally the group is linked to micro finance institute and cooperative development agency for regular follow up and to give mentoring and coaching support to the group. The respective Kebels will follow on the day to day implementation of the program with the top management of the different groups. (Please see to a picture of women representatives with the new machine)

Deliverable Date
Living standard of 135 women and their families improved compared to situation before intervention 2012
135 women received skill trainings to increase their production and productivity and have secured employment 2012
3 big machines ( recycle, soap and weaving ) purchased and handed over to three different women groups 2012
60 women benefit from recycling project of chat to charcoal; 50 women benefit from the production of soap; 25 women with disability benefit from weaving of traditional cloth 2012

Resources devoted to delivery
Type Details
Other, please specify Skill trainings: 6000 USD
Other, please specify Machines recycling machine: 15500 USD ; Soap processing machine: 12013 USD; Weaving looms and spinning machines: 7000 USD
Other, please specify Launching and hand over: 5000 USD
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