• Submitted by: Generalitat de Catalonia
  • Primary SD area: Climate Change
  • Keywords: climate change mitigation, business, emission, GHG, green economy, competitiveness
  • Location: Catalonia, Spain
  • Date of completion: 1 Jan 2000
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Deliverables & Resources
Voluntary Agreement Programme for the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

Organization(s) making commitment

Government of Catalonia

Achievement of Commitment

The Voluntary Agreement Programme aims to involve the different agents of Catalan society in the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by creating the technical and institutional framework necessary to support pioneering organisations in dealing with climate change and with the ability, therefore, to lead a shift towards a sustainable economic and energy model. Any Catalan organisation may join this Programme (private businesses, Public Administration bodies and non-profit organisations) with the capacity to reduce their GHG emissions.

How this will be achieved

Through this Programme, the organisations commit to annually provide an inventory of their GHG emissions and to plan and implement measures to reduce them. The Catalan Office for Climate Change works alongside and guides the organisations throughout this process and the Programme is based on four core principals: commitment, a voluntary nature, rigor and transparency.

Deliverable Date
As of June 2012, a total of 64 businesses and organizations are members of the Programme. It is expected to increase in a similar rate of 20 companies/year in the following years. 2020

Resources devoted to delivery
Type Details
Staff / Technical expertise List of Programme committed organizations by the Catalan Office for Climate Change
Staff / Technical expertise Annual report for each committed organization on its Programme progress and achievements
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