• Submitted by: International Federation of Business and Professional Women
  • Primary SD area: Green jobs-social inclusion
  • Keywords: entrepreneurship, ppp, public private partnership, capacity building, women empowerment, innovation, scale up, sustainable livelihoods,
  • Location: various
  • Date of completion: 1 Jan 2000
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Deliverables & Resources
Launch Global Green Inclusive Innovation Summit (G2i2 Summit)

Organization(s) making commitment

CXCatalysts, BPW, Infosys, UN Global Compact, Greif

Achievement of Commitment

G2i2 Summit objective is to create innovative public private partnerships that help accelerate transition to green economic growth. These ppps range from enabling women to own and successfully manage high growth, eco-friendly micro, small and medium-sized companies to enabling indigenous groups to protect, promote and scale traditional medicinal practices. With links to large multinational corporations, these minority-led businesses can chose to be domestic providers or be part of global supply chains. Because women reinvest most of their earnings into their families and communities, the regions where they live and operate thrive.

How this will be achieved

Companies, large and small, with inclusive businesses will be identified and then invited to the G2i2 Summit where they are matched to potential public and private sector collaborators and funders.

Deliverable Date
Event: Global Green Inclusive Innovation Summit 2012

Resources devoted to delivery
Type Details
In-kind contribution venue for summit
Staff / Technical expertise 1-5 staff
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