• Submitted by: FIA Foundation
  • Primary SD area: Sustainable Transport
  • Keywords: Sustainable transport, sustainable urban development, road safety, child injury prevention, child survival and development, chronic diseases, air quality, environmental protection, urban sustainability
  • Location: Global
  • Date of completion: 30 Jun 2013
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Deliverables & Resources
Protecting children from traffic injuries and improving their urban environment

Organization(s) making commitment

Amend; Asia Injury Prevention Foundation; Costa Rica Automobile Club; Dutch Cycling Embassy; EMBARQ, Center for Sustainable Transport at the World Resources Institute; FIA Foundation; International Road Assessment Programme; Make Roads Safe; Road Safety Fund; Safe Kids Worldwide; Share the Road: Increase investment in walking and cycling Initiative; United Nations Environment Programme; Zenani Mandela Campaign

Achievement of Commitment

Through the Zenani Mandela Campaign we will encourage policies to protect children and young people from traffic injury and improve their environment. During the 2nd UN Global Road Safety Week in May 2013 we will promote safe walking and cycling as a right for all, and highlight the co-benefits for climate change, air quality and injury prevention. To demonstrate practical delivery we will implement pilot projects, including EMBARQ’s work promoting sustainable urban transport policies, showcasing sustainable road design, improved cycling and pedestrian provision, safe routes to school and child injury prevention.

How this will be achieved

We will deliver advocacy communication internationally, engaging policymakers and the public, and demonstrate the benefits of safe, sustainable mobility as a means to prevent injury, tackle climate change, improve air quality and enable healthier lifestyles via a number of projects including:
• ‘Share the Road’ capacity development enabling increased provision for pedestrians and cyclists in East Africa led by UNEP, in partnership with the Dutch Cycling Embassy, and co-funded by UNEP and the FIA Foundation/Road Safety Fund;
• School Area Road Safety Assessment & Implementation pilot project in Tanzania, led by Amend and co-funded by the Road Safety Fund;
• Global Helmet Vaccine Initiative – distributing ‘helmets for kids’, in Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam, led by AIP Foundation;
• Safe Kids Walk This Way – school zone improvement initiative in ten countries, led by Safe Kids Worldwide, including technical support from the International Road Assessment Programme;
• Cycle-way demonstration – implementing an urban cycleway in Cartago, Costa Rica, with financing from FIA Foundation;
• Sustainable Urban Transport and Sustainable Urban Development projects led by EMBARQ in Brazilian, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Peruvian, and Turkish cities, supporting implementation of BRTs and Busway systems; car sharing; and urban development projects that reduce vehicle speed and create areas for safe biking and walking.

Deliverable Date
Campaign led by AIPF to promote helmet wearing for children riding on family motorcycles in Vietnam and Cambodia 2013
Demonstration bicycle network in City of Cartago, Costa Rica 2013
Pilot initiative to develop safe infrastructure and community engagement to ensure safe school route in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 2013
Capacity development workshops with government and other stakeholders on safe and sustainable transport design, promoting and enabling walking and cycling in East Africa through the UNEP-led ‘Share the Road’ initiative 2013

Resources devoted to delivery
Type Details
Financing (in USD) 1,000,000
In-kind contribution Support of Mandela Family for Zenani Mandela Campaign and UN Global Road Safety Week
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