• Submitted by: Impact Economy
  • Primary SD area: Sustainable Cities
  • Keywords: Metropolitan areas, effective decision-making, carbon emission reduction, smart energy policy planning, strategic planning, impact economy, increased sustainable urban competitiveness
  • Location: Global
  • Date of completion: 30 Nov 2017
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Deliverables & Resources
Effective Tool for Urban Carbon Strategies

Organization(s) making commitment

Impact Economy

Achievement of Commitment

Using the Regenerative Energy for Metropolitan Areas and Cities (reMAC) tool and Impact Economy strategy process, major urban areas around the world can progressively develop smart carbon reduction and renewable energy strategies in a process that is evidence-based, transparent, fast and cost-effective. The host of associated benefits includes greater energy security of supply and energy price stability; medium term employment creation; longer term increased disposable income; increased competitiveness; and carbon emission reduction. reMAC will enable regional stakeholders to take smart carbon policy decisions and profit from investments in renewables, thus enabling them to contribute to Rio+20 sustainable development goals.

How this will be achieved

By using the reMAC tool, decision makers around the world involved in the strategic planning of metropolitan areas gain access to both a cost calculation and a CO2 reduction tool which allows regional stakeholders to plan the necessary carbon policy steps. In a structured, simple and cost-effective stakeholder-centric process, the reMAC tool used in Impact Economy workshops shows how cities around the world can become regenerative, and that by this they will be able to free up enormous sums of money for social and cultural goals instead of spending them on fossil energies. reMAC enables metropolitan areas to assess how urban energy saving, through waste reduction and increased efficiency, can in practice lower energy demand to the point where it can be substantially met from urban renewable energy generation.

Deliverable Date
Pilot roll out and conduct training and workshops in 1 metropolitan area in North America 2012
Roll out and conduct training and workshops in multiple metropolitan areas outside the EU (envisioned: 30 cities or more by 2017) 2017

Resources devoted to delivery
Type Details
Staff / Technical expertise Make reMAC decision-tool available
Staff / Technical expertise Apply Impact Economy strategy process
Staff / Technical expertise Conduct urban carbon policy workshops
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