• Submitted by: Eco-Forum Global
  • Primary SD area: Public awareness and communications on SD
  • Keywords: knowledge-sharing, participatory decision-making, partnership, innovative mechanism, mobilization of stakeholders, networking
  • Location: Beijing (operations center)
  • Date of completion: 31 Dec 2015
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Deliverables & Resources
Smooth Path towards Green and Inclusive Society: Building Knowledge-sharing Platforms and Promoting Green Networks

Organization(s) making commitment

Eco-Forum Global (Eco-Forum Global is incorporated in China as Eco-Foundation Global, a not-for-profit, independent foundation)

Achievement of Commitment

1) Platform for public and private sector stakeholders in place to share information and best practices on inclusive green economies and sustainable development.
2) Decision-makers from local governments, business and industry, academia, the science and technology community, media, and NGOs assembled to share policy options and best practices for green policy implementation.
3) Public awareness promoted and advocacy for sustainable development and inclusive green economies.
4) Green networks constituted in cities & new towns, among corporations and at universities to promote eco-civilization.

How this will be achieved

1) Eco-Forum Global (EFG) will cooperate with cities, communities and civil society and other stakeholders at large to organize jointly conferences on themes of inclusive green economy, sustainable development, eco-security, energy efficiency, eco-civilization, and social responsibility, green consumption and life style, including an annual summit in Guiyang. Each conference will involve some hundreds participants from the public and private sectors in all regions, constituting a global network for sharing and exchanging knowledge, information, technologies, and best practices.
2) EFG will cooperate closely with media and media groups to disseminate to the public results from meetings, stimulate public discourse, and inspire and influence public attitudes.
3) EFG will build capacity through training on the topics of inclusive green economy and sustainable development to decision-makers and practitioners particularly associated with local authorities, businesses and industries, and universities.
4) EFG will join with other organizations, promote and form Green networks constituted in cities & new towns, among corporations and at universities with a view to implementing sustainable practices corresponding to the specific conditions of cities, corporations, or universities.

Deliverable Date
the first post-Rio conference on green economy and sustainable development will be held in Guiyang City, China with agreed statement and recommendations on roadmap and way forward 2012
At least five Chinese cities, a relevant number of corporations and universities will join the green networks. 2015

Resources devoted to delivery
Type Details
Financing (in USD) 800,000
Staff / Technical expertise Experts from different sectors in China and the international community will support the establishment of green networks as well as capacity-building efforts.
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