• Submitted by: ECOJURE
  • Primary SD area: Water
  • Keywords: water, sanitation, human rights, water and sanitation, MDG 7
  • Location: Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Date of completion: 30 Nov 2013
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Deliverables & Resources
Fostering implementation of human right to water and sanitation in Latin America

Organization(s) making commitment

2. Center for Human Rights and Environment (CEDHA)
3. Global League of Environmental Lawyers (LIMAA)
4. Red Universitaria Iberoamericana de Derecho Ambiental (REUNIDA)
5. Fundación Metropolitana

Achievement of Commitment

Targets to achieve through this commitment are: 1) Increased awareness of human right to water and sanitation; 2) Identification of key stakeholders willing to work on this issue; 3) Analysis of social, legal, environmental and economic implications emerging from current legal framework; 4) Developing proposals for better implementation of human right to water and sanitation at domestic levels; 5) Exchange of social, scientific, economic, technical and environmental perspectives; 6) Multi-sector approach for achieving a better access to this right. Our target will be focused on civil society, NGOs, governmental sector, corporations, water utilities, and international cooperation agencies.

How this will be achieved

Following tools will be developed: 1) Presential and virtual forums, such as a HR2W blog, motorized by partner´s audiences and websites. 2) Networking with interested organizations to better addressing key issues. 3) Knowledge sharing on international law instruments linked with analysis of domestic regulations and institutions. 4) Series of position papers addressing specific dimensions of HR2WS. Eventually, discussions with academic community may lead to a proper recognition of this human right within Faculty curricula.

Deliverable Date
Two (2) events on “Human Right to Water and Sanitation: addressing implementation issues” 2012
One (1) Blog on HR2WS operated for purposes of share thoughts and materials with HR2WS network 2012
Four (4) position papers regarding different aspects of HR2WS 2013
One (1) Network of HR2WS organizations and stakeholders 2013

Resources devoted to delivery
Type Details
Financing (in USD) 5000
In-kind contribution Office infrastructure and volunteers coordinated by CEDHA and ECOJURE
Staff / Technical expertise Experts from organizations as well as other provided by UNEP and ECLAC
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