• Submitted by: Lonxanet Foundation (Spain)
  • Primary SD area: Oceans and Seas, SIDS
  • Keywords: MPA, Co-management, Artisanal Fisheries, Sustainability, Governance
  • Location: Region of Galicia (SPAIN)
  • Date of completion: 31 Dec 2015
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Deliverables & Resources
Creation of a Co-managed Marine Protected Areas Network

Organization(s) making commitment


Achievement of Commitment

The creation of Marine Protected Areas designed and co-managed by artisanal fishers as a tool to ensure marine governance and sustainability of fishery resources.
Involvement of artisanal fishers in the co-management of fishery resources in the decision making process, which will reduce the gap among authorities and civil society.
Improvement the socio-economic, environmental and institutional conditions in which artisanal fishers operate and place them at the heart of the sustainable management of the resources their livelihoods is dependent upon.
Change of mindset to improve management of marine resources and governance. Dissemination and replication of successful experiences and good practices.

How this will be achieved

The Marine Protected Areas will be designed by the fishermen, through a bottom-up approach that comprises several methodological phases. All of them will be underlined by the fundamental principles of participation, legitimacy, representativeness, shared governance, encouraging co-responsibility and the use of traditional ecological knowledge systems.
Galician fishermen will see themselves—and be seen by society and by the relevant authorities—as legitimate partners in every stage of decision making related to fishery resource management, which must incorporate their needs and priorities, and value and fully utilize their experiences and ecological knowledge systems through the shared governance of marine resources.
Once the MPA is created it will start the Implementation and the Shared Governance Phase with the election of the official MPA co-management body, which will be composed of an equal number of government officials and fishermen’s representatives. This body is responsible for the co-management of the MPA, elaboration of its annual operational plan, coordination of monitoring and enforcement activities, and for the development of internal and external communication strategies.
Lonxanet Foundation will act only as a facilitator, developing strategies to increase co-ordination and relationship among stakeholders, strengthening internal and external communication channels or implementing efficient conflict resolution mechanisms.

Deliverable Date
Mar de Ortegal MPA proposal presented at the National Government 2013
Muros MPA proposal presented at the Regional Government 2013

Resources devoted to delivery
Type Details
Financing (in USD) 281,226
Staff / Technical expertise Expert staff on facilitation, governance, development and Traditional Ecological knowledge rescue.
Other, please specify Financing per year, contribution by private sector, involving to 20 fishing communities
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