• Submitted by: Green Destinations
  • Primary SD area: Biodiversity, Forests and other Ecosystems
  • Keywords: biodiversity, ecosystems, nature conservation, green job creation
  • Location: South Africa
  • Date of completion: 30 Nov 2013
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Deliverables & Resources
Biodiversity Performance Standard

Organization(s) making commitment

Green Destinations

Achievement of Commitment

The aim is to establish a voluntary, market-based and industry-specific instrument for biodiversity conservation, and create new market opportunities in the local building industry n South Africa.

How this will be achieved

This commitment is being achieved by the continuous development of specific tools and methods for biodiversity conservation management in the built sector, together with local communities. The project strengthens the capacity for private sector investments and aims to enhance the status of biodiversity. It relates especially to the CBD articles on incentives, finance and sustainable use.

Deliverable Date
Develop concept of biodiversity performance standard 2012
Produce biodiversity performance standard reference guide 2012
Test and implement biodiversity performance standard projects 2013

Resources devoted to delivery
Type Details
In-kind contribution Green Destinations Associates
Staff / Technical expertise Team & Partners of Green Destinations South Africa
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