• Submitted by: CEDHA (Centro de Derechos Humanos y Ambiente)
  • Primary SD area: Water
  • Keywords: Glaciers, glacier ecosystems, glaciosystems, ice, climate change, water, cryosphere, mountains, snow, snowmelt, melting, glacier melt, rock glacier, debris glacier, periglacial environment,
  • Location: Argentina, Chile, Peru, Kyrgyz Republic, Global
  • Date of completion: 1 Jan 2000
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Deliverables & Resources
Glaciers and Sustainability in the Anthropocene

Organization(s) making commitment

Centro de Derechos Humanos y Ambiente (CEDHA), Argentina
Geoestudios, Chile
Museo de las Montaņas Andinas, Peru
Human Development Center, Kyrgyz Republic

Achievement of Commitment

The subscribed organizations commit to collaborating in:
- raising societal awareness of glacier and glacier ecosystems vulnerability to natural and anthropogenic impacts;
- developing practical guidance to promote the protection of glaciers and glacier ecosystems;
- disseminating more information and creating more effective channels of communication between the scientific community and the greater public, including youth, media, business actors, government officials and the general public, regarding glaciers and glacier ecosystems and their services;
- establishing greater ties between countries and regions where glaciers and glacier ecosystems are at risk;

How this will be achieved

The subscribed organizations shall:
- collaborate in a collective effort to produce systematic communication about glaciers and glacier ecosystems vulnerability both due to natural and anthropogenic causes, sharing information about their individual and collective work to protect glaciers and glacier ecosystems and services, with each other and their colleagues in the scientific and public policy, government, business or advocacy community;
- produce a policy/guidance paper on the central elements of glacier and glacier ecosystems vulnerability in the anthropocene highlighting the key risks and protective measures that need to be considered in order to protect glaciers and glaciers ecosystems;
- utilize their communication networks and channels, including partner list serves, institutional websites, social networking media, and other communication tools to disseminate information pertinent to the protection of glaciers and glacier ecosystems;
- consolidate an informative and/or collaborative network of colleagues to promote glacier and glacier ecosystems awareness and protection;

Deliverable Date
4. A constituted and collaborative forum or network committed to raising the awareness and promoting the protection of glaciers and glacier ecosystems services; 2013
A workshop to be held in a region where glaciers and glacier ecosystems are at risk 2013
2. A 25-page paper/guidance note on glacier and glacier ecosystems vulnerability and recommendations to project glaciers and glacier ecosystems; 2013
1. A list serve incorporating others interested in exchanging information about glacier and glacier ecosystems vulnerability and protection; 2013

Resources devoted to delivery
Type Details
Financing (in USD) 1000
In-kind contribution computers, telephone, office supplies, utilities
Staff / Technical expertise one devoted person from each institution assigned to the commitment
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