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  • Primary SD area: SD strategies and policies
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  • Location: Aruba (Kingdom of the Netherlands)
  • Date of completion: 1 Jan 2000
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Deliverables & Resources
Smart Island Strategy—Government of Aruba

Organization(s) making commitment

Government of Aruba
New America Foundation
Carbon War Room

Achievement of Commitment

By 2020, Aruba’s Smart Island Strategy will transition the island to 100 percent renewable energy, increase housing choices and neighborhood quality, strengthen social cohesion, reduce traffic congestion and improve mobility, reduce obesity and improve public health, improve water conservation, and diversify an expanding island economy.

How this will be achieved

The Government of Aruba, Carbon War Room and the New America Foundation have launched the Smart Island Strategy for Aruba. This strategy will work with Aruban citizens and stakeholders through social dialogue to identify a sustainable growth roadmap that will: create world-class walkable destinations for tourists and communities for residents; incentivize household retrofit and commercial energy efficiency; distribute a diverse mix of renewable generation technologies; and create a regenerative agriculture sector in Aruba. The strategy will harness commercial opportunities to drive a transition to sustainability that will benefit all Arubans while demonstrating a new model of growth for middle-income nations.

Deliverable Date
100 percent renewable energy 2020

Resources devoted to delivery
Type Details
Staff / Technical expertise Technical expertise from New America Foundation, Carbon War Room
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