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  • Primary SD area: Sustainable Cities
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  • Location: globally
  • Date of completion: 29 Dec 2017
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Deliverables & Resources
International Ecocity Framework and Standards Initiative

Organization(s) making commitment

Ecocity Builders, ICLEI, Livable Cities Network, British Columbia Institute of Technology-School of Construction and the Environment - WITH MORE PARTNERS JOINING THROUGH OPEN INVITATION, PLEASE CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION

Achievement of Commitment

Cities and human settlements in balance with nature and culture.

How this will be achieved

The International Ecocity Framework and Standards (IEFS) Initiative, a project of United Nations accredited nonprofit Ecocity Builders in collaboration with an international Advisory Committee, takes a down-to-earth approach to establishing and maintaining health of both human and natural systems ? by understanding and managing human settlements (cities, towns and villages) as "urban ecosystems," where a city?s complete urban ecosystem includes its concentrations of people and the built environment as well as the productive ecosystems generating the energy and matter required to sustain the whole. The IEFS is predicated on over 30 years of concept development, research and practice by some of the world's leading experts and practitioners in this arena.

Deliverable Date
IEFS standards and indicators first draft completed in partnership with cities and human settlements and their citizens and residents, international city networks, and local government associations. 29 Dec 2015
Cities and human settlements implementing Action Plans are supported by national supportive policies and financing mechanisms. 29 Dec 2017
Initial evaluations are completed by interested cities with the support of regional and national government and the United Nations, with corresponding Action Plans created with the assistance of local government associations and the NGO sector as appropri 29 Dec 2017
Cities and human settlements in balance with nature and culture. 29 Dec 2050

Resources devoted to delivery
Type Details
Other, please specify Lead Sponsorship, British Columbia Institute of Technology, School of Construction and the Environment
In-kind contribution IEFS Core Advisory and Expert Advisory Council
Staff / Technical expertise Ecocity Builders
Other, please specify Network support, IEFS development, etc. ICLEI, Liviable Cities Network, others
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