Sustainable Development as an Answer to the Economic and Financial Crises
16 Jun 2012, 15:30:00-18:00:00


  1. Promote tax reforms that encourage environmental protection and benefit the poor.
  2. Create a tax on international financial transactions with a view to contributing to a Green Fund in charge of promoting decent jobs and clean technologies.
  3. The world will adopt shared sustainable development goals (SDGs) that will be embraced by business, civil society and the public sector. These goals will include innovative metrics, public disclosure, public awareness, education at all levels, and problem solving from local to global level to map the pathways to achieve the goals. The five critical areas that we have discussed: 1) empowering every place in the world to ensure that every individual meets their basic needs of health, safe water, sanitation, and dignity of decent lives; 2) sustainable development energy system; 3) sustainable food supply locally and globally; 4) sustainable urban environments, including initiatives on water systems, sewage and other smart infrastructure; and 5) sustainable industry that is committed and required to clean up after itself. These sustainable development goals will be met through a shared set of principles and methods that will apply for all, including taxes where we all see a very strong possibility to steer in the right direction, financial reform, including innovative financing for green development and a shift to sustainable technologies in general.

Mr. Luis Nassif (Brazil)
TV Brasil/Agencia Dinheiro Vivo
Dr. Enrique V. Iglesias (Uruguay)
General, Iberoamerican General Secretariat (SEGIB)
Former President, Interamerican Bank (1988-2005)
Dr. Jeffrey Sachs (United States of America)
Professor, Columbia University
Dr. Herman Mulder (Netherlands)
Chairman, Global Reporting Initiative (RPI)
Ms. Kate Raworth (United Kingdom)
Professor, Texas University
Dr. Marcela Benitez (Argentina)
Founder, Director, RESPONDE Association
Dr. Maria da Conceicao Tavares (Brazil)
Professor, UNICAMP
Dr.Yilmaz Akyuz (Turkey)
Chief Economist, South Centre
Mr. Wang Shi (China)
Director, China Vanke Co. Ltd.
Mr. Fabio Barbosa (Brazil)
Executive-President, Abril S.A.
Mr. Caio Koch-Weser (Germany)
Vice-Chairman, Deutsche Bank Group

Facilitators of the online discussion
Ms. Shiqiu Zhang (China)
University of Pequim (China)
Mr. Wagner Ribeiro (Brazil)
University of Sao Paulo - USP
Ms. Laurence Tubiana (France)
Science Po
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