Sustainable Energy For All
18 Jun 2012, 11:00:00-13:30:00


  1. Take concrete steps to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies.
  2. Establish ambitious targets for moving towards renewable energy.
  3. Scale up investments and political will to ensure universal, equitable and affordable access to sustainable energy services to all by the next decade through clear strategies and actions.

James Astill (UK) , The Economist
Ms. Changhua Wu (United States of America)
Director, Greater China - The Climate Group
Ms. Christine Lins (Austria)
Executive-Secretary, REN21
Mr. José Antonio Vargas Lleras (Colombia)
President, CODENSA
Dr. Kornelis Blok (Netherlands)
Founder, Ecofys Group
Dr. Luiz Pinguelli Rosa (Brazil)
Director, COPPE-UFRJ; Executive-Secretary
Brazilian Forum on Climate Change (FBMC)
Ms. Sandrine Dixson-Decleve (Belgium)
Director, EU Office, University of Cambridge
Program for Sustainability and Leadership
Vice-Chair, European biofuels technology platform
Mr. Vasco Dias (Brazil)
President, Raízen Energia
Mr. Brian Dames (South Africa)
CEO, Eskom
Ms. Sheila Oparaocha (Zambia)
Executive-Secretary, International Network on
Gender and Sustanable Energy
Dr. Thomas Nagy (Denmark)
Executive Vice President, Novozymes

Facilitators of the online discussion
Mr. Stephane Evoy (Canada)
University of Alberta
Mr. José Carlos Verle (Brazil)
Universidade do Estado do Amazonas - UEA
Mr. Ibrahim H. Rehman (India)
TERI- The Energy and Resources Institute
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