Regional Preparatory Meetings
The General Assembly, in its resolution A/64/236 decided that in preparation to Rio 2012, there will be regional preparatory meetings (which will replace the Regional implementation meeting, traditionally being held prior to the Policy year of the CSD).

The General Assembly also stressed the importance of having efficient and effective preparations at the local, national, regional and international levels by Governments in collaboration with the United Nations system so as to ensure high-quality inputs without placing undue strain on Member States.

The five Regional Commissions appointed Rio+20 focal points who "meet" with the UNCSD Secretariat virtually at least on a monthly basis through conference calls, to discuss regional preparations and joint collaborations towards the organisation of five regional preparatory meetings.

The Regional Commissions have developed calendars of regional preparatory activities, have made plans to commission special studies, have held or plan to organise intersessional regional meetings on the themes of the Conference in preparation to the Regional Preparatory Meetings.

Furthermore, regional and sub-regional inter-agency collaboration has been launched through regular consultations in all regions.

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Regional Preparatory Meeting for Africa Region, ECA and partners
(by: Economic Commission for Africa (ECA))
20 Oct 2011 - 25 Oct 2011
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Dec 2011 (To be confirmed)
Cairo, Egypt
Regional Preparatory Meeting for ECE Region, ECE
(by: United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE))
1 Dec 2011 - 2 Dec 2011
Geneva, Switzerland
Feb 2012 (To be confirmed)
Bangkok, Thailand
ESCWA 27th Ministerial Session, ESCWA
(by: Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA))
May 2012 (To be confirmed)
Beirut, Lebanon
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