NGO cluster matrix

NGO Thematic Clusters
Many NGOs have asked for more specific thematic facilitation in the lead up to Rio+20. The NGO organizing partners invite NGOs to serve on one or more thematic clusters by contacting the designated facilitators in the matrix of zero draft priority areas below.

These proposed thematic clusters are voluntary associations of the NGO Major Group for the purpose of arriving at common policy positions and lobbying strategies.

This list of thematic clusters is neither exhaustive nor exclusive, indeed, NGO organizing partners invite others to step forward to form other clusters of interest to them. The themes for proposed clusters are either taken from the sectoral approaches to the Green Economy and IFSD paragraphs, or from the implementation paragraphs -- all found in the zero draft outcome document. Of course, all NGOs and Major Groups will have the right to submit their own policy proposals whether or not they join a thematic cluster.

The Thematic Facilitators have committed to maintaining an email list for their cluster and to facilitate electronic communications as well as coordinate meetings of the cluster at the UN if so desired. It is also important to communicate positions and discussions by using the NGO Major Group discussion tools:

The immediate aim is to derive a common position for each thematic cluster to advocate in the Rio process with a common voice.

At the meeting with the UNCSD Bureau on 27 January, the Bureau welcomed the views of Major groups for the next round of negotiations on sections 3, 4 & 5. Governments have been given a deadline of 29 February to submit their written comments. The office of the Major Groups Programme Coordinator has agreed to compile NGO amendments from all Major Groups into the zero draft outcome document for the Bureau's consideration. The deadline for this Major Groups compilation text is Friday, 24 February.

Longer-term aims include:

  • Identify common elements and principles within the cluster.
  • Identify potential partnerships or initiatives for (1) collective lobbying of governments and (2) implementation of Rio+20 decisions.
List of reference tools:

NGO Organizing Partners do not plan to administer the facilitation system, the system is self-administrating in an open and inclusive manner.

We welcome everyone to take part in these NGO thematic clusters.
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