European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC)
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B - Assessing progress and remaining gaps in implementation
Success Factors
Question 4
What factors explain progress in implementation?

  1. use of integrated strategies)
  2. generalized economic growth and prosperity)

  3. investment in technical and institutional capacity)
  4. financial support from international sources
  5. Other)

D - A green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication
Question 1
Is there a consensus among policy makers in your country on the meaning of the term green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication? If so, how is it defined? [If relevant, please provide any official publications or analytical studies on the concept of green economy or its operational or social implications, together with a short abstract]

  • What are the main examples of green economy policies that are currently in place in your country? (e.g., government expenditures on green infrastructure, incentives for private investment in green sectors, subsidy reform, pricing of pollution, public procurement, other)
  • Which policies, or types of policy, do you consider to be most effective in promoting a green economy and why?
  • Are poverty and other possible social impacts explicitly considered in the design of green economy policies? If so, how?

Question 9
Are there studies for the country(ies) or region(s) of interest to your group that identify success factors, challenges or risks associated with green economy policies identified under Question 1? For each, kindly provide the original article or web link, and a short abstract.

Question 11
What is the relationship of green economy policies to other policies and policy domains (e.g., poverty, growth, employment, trade, etc.)? Are there cases of conflict and, if so, how have these been addressed?

E - Institutional framework for sustainable development
Question 1
Various changes in the global institutional framework for sustainable development have been discussed. What is the importance of the following avenues for reform? Kindly explain your choices, indicating what concrete measures could be considered in this regard.

Question 15
What are the most significant challenges facing international institutions charged with promoting sustainable development?

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