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12:30 to 14:00: Transition to Sustainability: The Inclusive Wealth Report
17 Jun 2012 - 17 Jun 2012
12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Athletes Park, UNEP Pavilion

The Inclusive Wealth Report (IWR) is an overview on the evolution of some relevant categories of natural capital for twelve countries over a time period of 29 years. From the analysis it is possible to trace the changes of the components of wealth by country and their link to economic growth, particularly highlighting the declining (or increasing) of natural capital as an economic productive base.

In IWR, we refer to natural capital by a reduced, though important, sub-group of provisioning ecosystem services. In fact, the concept can also be extended to other categories such as regulating services, recreation services, fossil fuels or minerals, which are also a relevant part of a nationís natural capital.

As a comprehensive indicator of human wellbeing, the wealth indicator also considers other aspects, such as education and health, which are worth exploring as a complement to the figures previously presented.

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