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10:00 to 13:00: Partnerships for Advancing Gender Equality and Sustainability
21 Jun 2012 - 21 Jun 2012
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Major Group Pavilion, Rio Centro

UNEP in partnership with UNDESA and IUCN is hosting a three-hour forum that will focus on advancing gender equality and sustainability. The lead host for this event is UNDESA.

This event builds on achievements made since 1991 in the area of women and environment. In November 1991, UNEP convened a Global Assembly of Women and the Environment, as a programmatic response to the 1985 World conference to review and appraise the achievements of the UN Decade for Women that was held in Nairobi, Kenya. In particular, the Global Assembly, which was held at the margins of the 20th anniversary of UNEP and the UNCED in Rio, sought to promote ´┐Żcooperation among institutions, men, women, and youth to advance environmental sustainable projects that are affordable, visible, sustainable and repeatable´┐Ż.

A key outcome of this assembly was the interventions by civil society and countries that resulted in the integration of gender issues in Agenda 21 of the 1992 Rio Declaration. As a follow-up to the 1992 UNCED, UNEP convened a series of meetings at regional and global level in 1994 that culminated in a high-level event in the UN Conference on Women held in 1995 in Beijing China that saw the integration of environment sustainability as one of the key areas of implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action.
The Partnership Forum will thus enable the participants to highlight the value of partnerships in mainstreaming gender in critical thematic issues at Rio+20 (jobs, energy, cities, food, water, oceans, disasters, among others), illustrating successful partnerships in each and using gender as a valuable entry point and foundation. The Forum will look into ways in which these partnerships can be strengthened to better implement the Rio+20 outcomes, and, at the same time the Forum will be a show case on how formidable partnerships can lead to visible and tangible results. The event will bring together UN agencies and civil society partners that the three host organizations have worked with over the past twenty years in eth areas of environmental management and sustainable development. Rio+20 offer an invaluable opportunity to reenergize, revitalize and strengthen the effectiveness of partnerships for implementation and action on sustainable development.

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