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Delivering sustainable development and enabling the transition to the green economy through sustainable public procurement
18 Jun 2012 - 18 Jun 2012
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

UNEP Pavilion, Athlete's Park, Rio de Janeiro

Public procurement, which represents between 15% and 25% of GDP, offers a tremendous opportunity to drive markets towards green innovation and sustainability. The side event will showcase the potential, the achievements and challenges of SPP as a tool to promote sustainable development objectives and enable the transition towards a green economy.
The side event will also be the opportunity to present and launch the International Sustainable Public Procurement Initiative (SPPI) aimed at promoting the worldwide implementation of SPP through increased cooperation between stakeholders and the demonstration of the potential benefits and impacts of SPP. On the occasion of the side event, UNEP will release a number of publications and tools on the subject.
The International Sustainable Public Procurement Initiative
The specific objectives of the SPPI are as follows:
1. Build the case for SPP: improve the knowledge on SPP and its effectiveness as a tool to promote greener economies and sustainable development
- Elaborate a biennial report on progress on SPP implementation
- Analyse barriers to SPP implementation and propose innovative solutions
- Measure the impacts of sustainable public procurement
2. Support the implementation of SPP on the ground through increased collaboration and better access to capacity building tools.
- Build synergies and improve coordination between the SPP implementation programmes
- Increase South-South and North-South Cooperation
- Agree on common guiding principles for SPP implementation
- Increase collaboration between business sectors and public institutions on procurement practices
- Mobilize additional stakeholders to support and implement SPP
The initiative aims at bringing together representatives from governments, local authorities, business sector and civil society.

Session 1 will focus on: How can we scale up SPP through increased collaboration between major SPP players? Speakers will discuss on the need to build the case for SPP, improve the knowledge and: analyse barriers and propose solutions, improve capacity building tools, develop monitoring systems and indicators.

�How can we scale up SPP through increased collaboration between major stakeholders?� will be the theme of session 2, in which a selected group of panellists will focus on answering these two questions:
Question 1: what is your experience in implementing sustainable public procurement, and what are i) the main opportunities and ii) the main barriers to overcome?
Question 2: How could collaborative efforts strengthen SPP and accelerate its implementation at world level? How do you see an initiative such as SPPI helping you in that respect?

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