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15:00 to 17:00: Advancing the Sustainability Science Agenda: To Support Sustainable Development and the Green Economy
22 Jun 2012 - 22 Jun 2012
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Athletes Park, UNEP Pavilion

Sustainability challenges of the 21st century demand an unprecedented level of cooperation between science and society � (�science� here mean the natural and social sciences, as well as engineering and the humanities).
A close partnership between science and society is essential to provide the knowledge and scientific underpinning to the Green Economy and other development challenges, and to understand and find solutions to climate change, water scarcity, biodiversity decline, land degradation, and other global environmental changes. One of the main gains from this strengthened partnership will be a new "sustainability science agenda" in which scientists work in a more concerted way to support the world's sustainable development efforts.

This side event will explore four very important and new developments concerned with advancing the world's sustainability science agenda, including the main messages from the Planet Under Pressure Conference that took place in London in March 2012, the critical emerging sustainability issues as identified via the UNEP Foresight Process and the GEO-5 Asessment, The Future Earth Initiative on a new architecture of worldwide global change research, and the findings from the ICSU/UNESCO consultation of scientific communities.

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