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22 Jun 2012 - 22 Jun 2012
1:45 PM - 3:00 PM

RioCentro, Press Room P 3-7

A Press Conference to Announce and Showcase Registered Rio+20 Voluntary Commitments 22 June 2012, 1:45-2:45pm, RioCentro, Press Room P 3-7

...we need commitments from all stakeholders at Rio+20 Member States, civil society and the private sector alike. And just as we need a way to track commitments of the sustainable development goals, we will need a process to follow up on these commitments, and hold actors accountable... - Ban Ki-moon, 29th May 2012 at Rio+20 Informal-Informal

Rio+20 is a conference on implementation. As such, an important part of the conference is about making and delivering commitments. As of 21 June, more than 500 tangible and action oriented commitments have been registered at Rio+20. These include registrations from governments, business & industry, civil society and the UN system.

Under the auspices of the Conference Secretary General, a major press conference event will be held to announce commitments registered at Rio+20. This event will briefly highlight and showcase a select sample of registered commitments by a range of stakeholders.

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