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Conference on 'Promoting Eco-Innovation: Policies and Opportunities, ECE and Government of Israel'
11 Jul 2011 - 13 Jul 2011
Tel Aviv, Israel

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, in cooperation with the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel is organising an International Conference on the role of innovation policies in addressing environmental and energy challenges, which will take place in
Tel Aviv on 11-13 July 2011.

The Conference will be opened by keynote speeches by the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the UNECE Executive Secretary JŠn Kubi?. These interventions will be followed by a high-level panel with the participation of senior political and business figures.

Presentations at this Conference will be structured into three main segments:

?Eco-innovation: what role for public policies??, which would include topics, such as the links between innovation, environmental and energy policies, the conditions for the successful integration of sectoral approaches in the promotion of eco-innovation, the difficulties that need to be overcome, the range of policy instruments available and their effectiveness and the existing policy experiences in this area.

?Fostering collaboration for successful eco-innovation?, which would discuss various forms of cooperation between stakeholders in eco-innovation processes and, in particular, the public and private sectors, to foster eco-innovation, including the international dimension of these collaborative arrangements.

?Financing eco-innovation?, which would include different questions regarding access to finance for eco-innovative enterprises, good practices and experiences in public funding of programmes for eco-innovation and current market trends and opportunities.

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