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Take Lead (Green Growth)
12 Oct 2011 - 13 Oct 2011
Copenhagen, Denmark

The event is organized by Green Growth Leaders.

Creating green growth is the fundamental challenge of our time and success requires the audacity to lead. Instead of waiting for 193 nations to fall in line and decide on a coherent set of global framework conditions, Green Growth Leaders have decided to take lead and lead by example. Therefore, on October 12-13 2011, hundreds of government and business leaders from around the world meet in Copenhagen to examine green growth from three perspectives:

1) State of the Green Economy
This perspective will determine how far along we are in the transformation process towards the green economy and define tipping points for selected technologies

2) Best Practice
Around the world companies and cities have decided to seize the opportunity to outgreen the competition. This perspective will explore best cases of green growth, where companies and cities are leading by example and look at how they achieved it

3) Next practice ? The Green Economy Outlook
Green growth holds massive potential for job creation and business opportunities. This perspective will quantify opportunities and explore ways for cities and businesses to accelerate green growth

The initiative is structured as a two day event. On day one working groups consisting of experts from policy, business, civil society and science will apply the three perspectives above to focus on different technologies within energy, mobility, water and waste. The findings on day one are discussed among high level stakeholders and presented to the public on day two.

For additional information please contact Ms Solvej Karlshøj Christiansen at

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