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Asia Pacific Conference on Development Models
15 Aug 2011 - 16 Aug 2011
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Suan Dusit Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Reality of Aid Asia-Pacific (ROA-AP), IBON International and the Asia Pacific Research Network (APRN) are pleased to announce the dates for the Asia Pacific Regional Conference on Development Models: Promoting a Transformative Agenda for Sustainable Development to be held 15-16 August 2011 in Bangkok, Thailand.
The conference aims to achieve the following:

?─ Increase the awareness and understanding of CSOs and peoplesíŽ movements in the South on key issues in Busan (including a new consensus on development) to inform a coordinated Asia Pacific action plan towards Busan

?─ Bring different CSOs and peoples movements in the South into a common discussion to exchange ideas, experiences and analyses on development models and develop a common regional advocacy agenda

Participants will also have the option of attending the CSO Strategy Sesion on the Rio+20 on August 17th.

To register, please email:

Ava Danlog
Secretariat Coordinator

Lyn Angelica Pano
General Secretary
Asia Pacific Research Network

Paul Quintos
Programme Manager
IBON International

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