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Congress Responsibility and Reciprocity ? Social Values for a Sustainable Economy
4 Nov 2011 - 5 Nov 2011
8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Recanto Meastro, Restinga Seca, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Promoting cultural development and educational one, this Congress is being organized to stimulate the debates and publicize in the academic field the many social responsibility actions that are already performed in a serious way in Brazil. This meeting is meant to be an important incentive to the companies and entities located all over the world, so that they assume their social responsibility with strength and make investments on social projects. We believe that, today, social responsibility means more than an ethical commitment; it means also a commitment with sustainable development. The reciprocity of the different social actors is the debate that this Congress proposes.

The Congress will be held by the Antonio Meneghetti Faculty ( and the Antonio Meneghetti Foundation ( Both entities are located at the district Recanto Maestro ( which was born in 1988 from a project of sustainable development and, in 2007, has been presented in the Innovation Fair of the Annual Ministerial Review of the ECOSOC of UN as an example of application of the Millennium Development Goals (

It is an event open for all society and is meant to be an opportunity for the participants to be better prepared to ?Rio + 20 - United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development?, and also to attract attention of companies, NGOs, the academic community, and all social actors, towards Rio+20. This meeting was thought to be also a space of discussion regarding the 8 Millennium Development Goals. The MDGs are constantly in debate at Antonio Meneghetti Faculty having in views the actions that this Brazilian institution already develops to help the achievement of the 8 Millennium Development Goals, and that can be better known at: The Faculty is also a partner of UN initiatives as the Academic Impact (, the Global Compact (, and the Youth Year (

The program of the Congress includes the presentation of academic researches. Articles can be send for the Congress regarding four thematic lines: (1) Social Responsibility and Sustainability; (2) Management and Entrepreneurship on the Third Sector, (3) Technology, Innovation and Society and (4) Millennium Development Goals, Human Rights and Reciprocity. The Congress? program includes also conferences and debates and can be known at the website:

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