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2nd Intersessional Meeting of UNCSD, UN Secretariat
15 Dec 2011 - 16 Dec 2011
New York, USA

Friday, 16 December 2011: The ECOSOC Chamber (NLB) will be the overflow room for the 2nd Intersessional. Audio retransmission of the meeting will be available.

Note: Member States Delegations, United Nations entities and Major Groups are kindly reminded to send in statements made at the 2nd Intersessional to, for posting on this website.

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Preliminary information to participants on the Rio+20 Conference
As of 24 May 2012. Information contained is subject to the final rules of procedure of the Conference.

Rio+20: The Conference - Briefing on logistics by the Government of Brazil

Organization of Work for the 2nd Intersessional Meeting of UNCSD

Programme of Side Events
Second Intersessional Meeting of the Prepcom, New York, 15-16 December 2011

Guidelines for Organizers of Side Events
Second Intersessional Meeting, New York, 15 ? 16 December 2011

Bureau Related
Bureau's Guidance Note for the 2nd Intersessional

Other documents
Summary of second Informal Intersessional Meeting for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development

Issues Brief 1 - Trade and Green Economy, UNCSD Secretariat and UNCTAD

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