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Moving to Safety - Migration, Natural Disasters and Adaptation Strategies
26 Mar 2012 - 26 Mar 2012
6:15 PM - 7:45 PM

Conference Room 7 in the North Lawn Building

Organiser: International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Speakers: Ambassador Luis Alfonso De Alba, Permanent Representative of Mexico, Ambassador Miguel Berger, Deputy Permanent Representative of Germany, Ms. Elina Palm, UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction, Mr. Lars Johan Lönnback, IOM.

Abstract: Globally, populations move for a vast variety of reasons - to escape humanitarian disasters, to find employment, to join family, to name just a few. Population movements will continue to occur and can benefit or hinder the development of places of origin and destination depending upon how they are planned and managed. Furthermore, climate change has become an important factor in contributing to certain migratory flows, but research reveals a complex picture. Paradoxically, climate change will often provoke movements of persons into areas under even larger climate risk, like coastal cities.

This side-event will attempt to clarify some of the migration related issues in connection with sustainable development, including how planned and orderly migration may be an important adaptation strategy for groups like coastal dwellers, populations affected by soil degradation, amongst others. What role does migration play in building resilience of climate vulnerable populations, not simply in moving out of harm?s way in the face of sudden onset natural disasters but also in the context of more gradual environmental degradation processes? As migration is a large driver of contemporary urban growth, how should disaster risk reduction for cities take account of rural to urban migration?

While discussing these themes, the existing international commitments and frameworks for action will be reviewed and questions will be raised regarding the extent to which these are adequate in light of the evolution of migration in world affairs since 1992. Looking ahead, the event would attempt to frame these migration-related issues within the debate on Sustainable Development Goals. In this context, consideration could be given to the need for benchmarks on increasing managed human mobility as a way to increase opportunities for sustainable human and societal development as well as to strengthen resilience and enhance disaster preparedness.

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