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Information note, Sustainable Development Dialogues

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Information for participants 16-19 June

Sustainable Development Dialogues
16 Jun 2012 - 19 Jun 2012
Rio de Janeiro

The Government of Brazil is organizing, with the support of the United Nations, the Sustainable Development Dialogues, to be held in Riocentro, between June 16 to 19, in the context of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development -Rio+20.

In the four days prior to the High Level Segment, representatives from civil society, including private sector, NGOs, scientific community, among other major groups, will convene at the same venue of the Rio+20 Conference. They are expected to engage in an open and action-oriented debate on key topics related to sustainable development. There will be no participation of Governments or UN agencies. Three recommendations emanating from each of the Dialogues will be conveyed directly to the Heads of State and Government present at the Summit.

Ten topics will be debated, based on their relevance to the furthering of sustainable development. At the bottom of this page you can see the list of themes, the schedule and the confirmed panelists. The debates will be broadcast live through the UN website.

With the support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the Dialogues initiative was launched through a digital platform ( in order to provide the wider public a democratic space for discussion. The on-line debates on each of the ten themes of the Dialogues, facilitated by researchers from renowned academic institutions around the world, resulted in ten concrete recommendations that can be viewed and voted for in a public website (

The ten Recommendation in each theme, ranked by the support received inside the platform and by the votes received in the public site will be organized by the Facilitators and presented to the Panelists in the Sustainable Development Dialogues (Rio de Janeiro, 16-19 June 2012), during Rio+20.

This innovative bridge between civil society and Heads of State and Government is expected to contribute to the incorporation and engagement of stakeholders, based on the understanding that public participation is essential for the consolidation of sustainable development as the paradigm for action in both the public and the private sectors.

June 16
11h00 to 13h30: Unemployment, decent work and migrations
15h30 to 18h00: Sustainable development as an answer to the economic and financial crises
19h30 to 22h00: Sustainable development for fighting poverty

June 17
11h00 to 13h30: The economics of sustainable development, including sustainable patterns of production and consumption
15h30 to 18h00: Forests
19h30 to 22h00: Food and nutrition security

June 18
11h00 to 13h30: Sustainable energy for all
15h30 to 18h00: Water
19h30 to 22h00: Sustainable cities and innovation

June 19
11h00 to 13h30: Oceans

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