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Shifting to a Green Economy in the Mediterranean
23 May 2012 - 24 May 2012
9:00 AM - 2:00 PM


This conference aims at:
ˇ Providing a forum for public and private sectors representatives
and experts to debate on the potential for green growth in
Mediterranean countries;
ˇ Creating a momentum for promoting regional cooperation aimed at the
exchange of information on successful experiences in various sectors,
and the dissemination of know-how among public agencies and private
sectors stakeholders;
ˇ Discussing concrete steps to move towards a green economy in the
Mediterranean region as an opportunity for growth and job creation.

In the course of a the conference, a session will deal with job creation due to green
growth through the first results of the CMI 2012 MED Report ?Towards green
growth in Mediterranean countries?, and subsequently draft recommendations
to Rio+20 through several contributions on green economy.
A working group composed of experts and civil society actors will suggest
recommendations on greening the Mediterranean economy to public and private

To view the full conference agenda and registration information, please visit:

Contact: Camille Morel, +33 4 95 09 47 80 ?
Salomé Dufour, +33 4 91 99 24 65 ?

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