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Ocean in Google Earth as an Environmental Educational Tool: The Dominican Perspective
17 Jun 2012 - 17 Jun 2012
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

T9, Rio Centro,

At the Rio + 20 Conference to be held in June of this year, GFDD will host a special presentation entitled ?Tour of the DR? which will highlight the Mission Blue program and how the Ocean in Google Earth tool is being effectively used to raise awareness and provide information on coastal and marine sources using the example of the DR as a model for the Caribbean and Latin American Region.

Ocean in Google Earth is an interactive program which allows the viewer to post content in a number of formats including still photos, audio, video or commentary in the form of plain text. By engaging the public, in particular young people, to participate in the development of the site, Google is taking steps to insure that the world?s collective vision for a sustainable future that promotes prosperity and quality of life, without further erosion of the planet?s natural resources, can become reality.

As an active participant in its development, GFDD is proud to be involved in the Ocean in Google Earth program - a highly effective educational tool that documents lessons learned and best practices of the DR, and that will be of immeasurable value to individuals from every branch of society including the government, the private sector, the Commission on Sustainable Development, and other civil society entities invested in the area of environment preservation and conservation.

The hope is that the Oceans for Google initiative will strike a chord in the minds of the world?s citizenry to adopt practices that will positively contribute to the sustainability and health of the natural environment.

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