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International Trade Union Assembly on Labour and Environment
11 May 2012 - 13 May 2012
3:41 PM - 7:41 PM

Windsor Hotel, Rio

Similar to the first Assembly held in 2006, the trade union movement will gather at an international level to discuss environmental issues and their relationship with the world of work, renewing its commitments. The II Assembly aims to:

Continue building environmental internationalism
Renew trade union commitments on sustainable development
Promote alliances with other civil society actors and social movements
Put trade unionsī demands on the table and in the streets: Rio + 20 and beyond

The Assembly will combine diverse themes and formats: presentation of trade union experiences, working groups on climate change, chemical risk, sustainable access to energy, water and food, and collective bargaining and sustainable development, among others. There will also be a series of roundtables that will address issues such as:

- A New Development Paradigm, Challenges for Employment, Social Inclusion and Poverty Eradication in a Sustainable Planet
- Financing sustainable development, a trade union agenda: new global levies, wealth redistribution, and the role of pension funds
- Right to information, to participation and justice: communities? and workers? rights
- Investments for a new sustainable economy: green and decent jobs
- Vulnerability, social protection and just transition: the social protection floor

Work is underway on the Assembly. Get more info and updates on twitter (@sustainlabour), Sustainlabourīs Facebook, and on the Assembly website.

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