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Mountain Pavilion Event: Role of mountains in promoting green growth and making development sustainable
19 Jun 2012 - 19 Jun 2012
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Why this Side Event?
Mountain ecosystems, with their rich biodiversity, provide critical goods and services that are essential for sustaining the local, regional, and global environment and economy. About half of the world?s population depends on mountains for fresh water, clean energy, irrigation water, minerals, forest products, recreation, and genetic resources. Mountains are repositories of important agro-biodiversity, and half of the global biodiversity hotspots are located in mountains. Economic growth and sustainability in the lowlands rely in large part, directly or indirectly, on environmental resources and services from mountains. However, mountain communities do not receive the full benefits from the goods and services they provide to society at large.
Achieving global sustainability will not be possible without finding ways to manage mountain ecosystem resources so as to ensure that mountains continue to provide critical services in the face of climate change and other global changes.
This side event will provide examples from different mountain regions of the world to showcase successful ways to facilitate green economy in the mountains, create more sustainable livelihoods, and reduce poverty.

Key Questions to be Addressed
? What is a mountain-specific green growth strategy?
? What can mountain systems contribute to promote green growth and green economy?
? What are the opportunities to be seized?
? How can green growth pathways help achieve social equity, poverty reduction, and environmental security?
? What kinds of political, financial, and technological commitments are needed at Rio+20?
Expected Outcomes
ƒƒA common but differentiated green growth strategy for the mountains
ƒƒIdentification of potential green economic solutions that mountain ecosystems can provide
ƒƒEnhanced understanding and recognition of mountain ecosystem services, leading to their inclusion in national accounts and policies
ƒƒGreen economy opportunities for mountain regions identified
ƒƒActionable ideas and projects identified for different mountain regions

Tentative Programme
ƒƒRole of Mountain Ecosystems in Promoting Green Economy and Green Growth: A Strategic Perspective ? Dr David Molden, Director General, ICIMOD
ƒƒGreen Economy Strategies and Opportunities in Different Mountain Regions of the World (Africa, South America, Central Asia, South Asia, Europe)
ƒƒPanel Discussions (Ministers and Senior Delegates)
ƒƒWrap-Up ? Madhav Karki, ICIMOD/Olman Serrano, Mountain Partnership
ƒƒPanel Discussion

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