Assessing Green Jobs Potential in Developing Countries- A Practitioner's Guide, ILO
This book provides guidance on how to estimate the actual and potential level of economic activity and number of jobs related to the environment in a developing country context. It is intended to be generic in its application (i.e. relevant to a wide range of countries) and therefore flexible enough to accommodate different sets of economic and environmental conditions.

The guide has been developed as part of an ILO-funded project led by GHK that mapped green employment in Bangladesh. That study will be published as the first of a series of papers, each looking at a different country. These country studies should be seen as companions to this guide. They give detailed information on how methods set out here have been applied. A researcher who is considering a study for her or his country should therefore consult the country studies as well as this document.

The project process involves agreeing a detailed working definition of ?green jobs?, and quantification of the direct and indirect employment linked to green growth (e.g. through input?output (I-O) coefficients and modelling). It is intended that further testing and development through application in other countries will help to improve the depth and breadth of the guidance over time.

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