A Blueprint for Ocean and Coastal Sustainability, IOC/UNESCO
by: Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC)

Since the early 1980?s with the Brundtland Report and following with UNCLOS, Chapter 17 of Agenda 21 and the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, major global initiatives have advanced principles, goals and targets for managing the issues facing the ocean and coasts, and the living and non-living resources therein. Despite this long list of aspirations, progress has been very limited in many of the priority areas. The aim of the UN Report ?A Blueprint for Ocean and Coastal Sustainability? is to provide a context for the Rio+20 discussions and negotiations, through analysis of current challenges in ocean and coastal management around the world, assessment of how well the multiple goals and objectives of previous international efforts have been met, and building on recent dialogue and emerging consensus at the international level. Importantly, this Paper presents ten tangible proposals, towards ocean sustainability that should be regarded as priorities for consideration in the Rio+20 outcomes. Each is assessed against the three pillars of sustainable development, a range of cross-cutting issues, as well as the dual focus of Rio+20: green economy and institutional framework for sustainable development. In the lead-up to Rio+20, considerable momentum is building to ensure that ocean and coastal management challenges and innovative strategies are incorporated in the new sustainable development approaches that will emerge from Rio+20. This paper is a product of several UN agencies and programmes (IOC/UNESCO, UNDP, IMO, and FAO).

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