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International Human Rights Consortium, Worldwide Creative Solutions, LLC and the Spalding International BrainTrust
  • Date submitted: 31 Oct 2011
  • Stakeholder type: Major Group
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Uniting Nonprofit, Business, and Elected Officials

Using ABCDE Solution-Creating Model and Proposed Wellness Hubs

from International Human Rights Consortium, Worldwide Creative Solutions, LLC

and the

Spalding International BrainTrust

Media Motto:

?Honoring the past, acting in the present, and positively impacting the future.?

Purpose: To bring together individuals, groups, peoples, and nations from different perspectives of expertise at local hubs (and virtually), to assess best overviews for successful implementation and actionables with sensitivity to traditional roots and ways to revitalize living heritages to assist in the achieving of MDGs and beyond.

Special focus for Rio+20 ?Inputs for Compilation Document, Co-Chairs' Guidance Note, Item 3 (c) and (d)?

Offering the ABCDE Method©

Apply a local ?Appreciative Enquiry? Survey; then, create a small (no more than 10 individuals) solution-creating group composed equally of an (A) academic, (B) business person, (C) person representing culture and the arts, a (D) ?diplomat? or a respected, non-confrontational mediator type, and (E) a grassroots person who is known as a person who brings out the Excellence in others.

Give the group only five minutes to create a solution to an issue that is handed to them just prior to their 5-minute solution-creating task. Enjoy the plenary of successes and breakthroughs!

From the March 2011 SIBT ?The Fabric of Life: Reasons for Hope? prep for Rio+20 held at the School of Law, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC, USA and subsequent sessions. Utilizing the above ABCDE Method©, a number of proposals and commitments to the success of Rio+20 were made including the offering to assist work with interactive data collection of an International Organic Growers Cooperative--- working together for soil enrichment, water harvesting and oceanic/river healthy life, CO2 containments and other air concerns, organic vegetable household gardens and larger tended acreage, fish farming, and other opportunities for greater community garden sustainability research and production. Serving a as part of a larger interaction between traditional and interactive/biophysics wellness, sustainable equitable job production and rehabilitation of wounded persons, other species, and the life-giving forces of this planet. Using as three points of Phase I: The Peruvian Amazon Rainforest, The Triad of North Carolina, and partners in Africa including Lesotho, Ghana, and Liberia in its first phase.

For further information, contact: IHRC via wspalding3@gmail.com

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