Cape Verde
Focal Point
Mr. Edna Barreto
Minister plenipotentiary

Side Events at Rio+20

Green economy Practices/Policies/Initiatives in Cape Verde
Background papers/Position papers
  • Cape Verde. An Emerging Nation. UN Report
    Cape Verde is an emerging nation with a truly
    transformational development agenda. Since achieving
    independence in 1975, it has evolved into a stable
    democracy, making considerable progress in terms of
    growth of gross domestic product (GDP) and income per
    capita, as well as on human development indicators. At
    the end of 2007, the country graduated from the UN�s
    Least-Developed Country (LDC) Group, and in 2008 it
    acceded to the World Trade Organization (WTO).
  • II National Environmental Action Plan (PANA II
    In order to facilitate coordination among environmental protection projects and capitalize synergies from the Rio Conventions, the Government of Cape Verde has drafted and is implementing its second National Environmental Action Plan (PANA II), which is an environmental management tool that embodies the country�s environmental policy. The overall objective of PANA II is to define strategic guidelines to address natural resources use and sustainable management of economic activities. More specifically, the objectives of PANA II are as follows: (i) define the main environmental and natural resources management policy guidelines; (ii) identify development prospects and priorities; (iii) identify the most efficient and efficacious means of using natural resources; (iv) define the institutional design and the cross-sectoral coordination mechanisms; (v) encourage the incorporation of environmental concerns in planning economic and social development; (vi) promote better livelihood for the populations.
  • National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan
    The National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan is intended to define the current status of biodiversity, the threats leading to its degradation and the strategies and priority actions to ensure its conservation and sustainable use within the framework of the socio-economic development of the country.
National Reports
  • National Report - Cape Verde
  • National Report - Cape Verde Executive Summary
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