Focal Point
Mr. Clement Rohee
Minister of Foreign Affairs

Charlene Phoenix
Guyana Embassy, Brazil
Side Events at Rio+20

Green economy Practices/Policies/Initiatives in Guyana
  • Guyana's Low Carbon Development Strategy
    Guyana is reaching a new stage in its national development. As the country?s first generation of reforms and infrastructural development nears completion, the Government is embarking on a new wave of reforms, coupled
    with further expansion of the country?s strategic economic infrastructure. Over the past two decades, Guyana
    has transitioned to a multi-party democracy and market-based economy.
  • Transforming Guyana's Economy while Combating Climate Change
    In 2010 the president initiated Guyana?s low-carbon development strategy Called ?Transforming Guyana?s Economy While Combating Climate Change?.
Background papers/Position papers
  • Transforming Guyana?s Economy While Combating Climate Change
National Reports
  • Green Economy and Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development: The Guyana Context
  • National Report - Guyana
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