Focal Point
Assistant Minister for Global Environmental Affairs and International Cooperation
Ministry of Environment
Jakarta, Indonesia

Dr. Agus Prabowo
Director for Natural Resource and
Environmental Management
National Dev. Planning Agency (BAPPENAS)
Side Events at Rio+20

Green economy Practices/Policies/Initiatives in Indonesia
  • From mining to re-claiming spoilt lands
    The Bangka Botanical Garden (BBG) in Pangkalpinang municipality is an innovative example of corporate social responsibility that illustrates the potential for public private partnership. A public-private-partnership transformed spoilt land into a botanical garden.
  • Indonesia's Green Economy Corridor Initiative
    Indonesia is collaborating with the three UN-REDD Programme agencies - FAO, UNDP and UNEP- on the development of an action plan that links its REDD+ efforts with its overarching goal of transitioning to a Green Economy.
  • Indonesia?s Second Medium Term Development Plan
    Indonesia?s second medium term development plan (2010 - 2014) contains specific policies and goals on mainstreaming sustainable development and natural resource and environmental management.
  • Local water and soil conservation
    Limited water access and polluted rivers make it more difficult for Bogor municipality, a growing and dynamic city, to address the issue of water conservation. In 2004 Bogor municipality began to undertake a number of initiatives to strengthen its water and land conservation.
  • Mangrove conservation
    Surabaya Municipality initiated a mangrove planting program to stop environmental degradation in the eastern coast area. Through a multi-stakeholder approach, a Mangrove Conservation Area has been created that is accessible to the public for education, research and development, and eco-tourism.
  • National Action Plan Addressing Climate Change
    In 2010 Indonesia established a $1bn Green Investment Fund to boost economic growth and to reduce emissions.
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