Focal Point
Mr. François Gave
Deputy director for environment and natural resources at the Directorate-General for Globalization, Development and Partnerships / Global Public Goods Directorate
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
27 rue de la Convention CS 91533
75732 PARIS CEDEX 15

National information to external website:

Permanent Mission of France to the U.N.
One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza
885 Second Av. (bet. 47 & 48th Sts), 44th floor - NEW YORK 10017
Cell 1 561 307 75 10 | prof. 1 212 702 49 33
Side Events at Rio+20

Green economy Practices/Policies/Initiatives in France
  • Grenelle Environment Roundtable
    France initiated the ecological transition of its economy from 2007 through the adoption of the "Grenelle Environment Roundtable" commitments, deployed in 2010 in a new National strategy of sustainable development towards a green and equitable economy".
  • Grenelle II Law
    Published on 12 July 2010, the Grenelle II Law presents concrete actions needed to reach the defined 2020 targets in six main sectors: buildings and urbanisation, transport, energy and climate, biodiversity, health and governance.
  • Reward-Penalty Scheme for Personal Cars
    In 2007 France introduced the Reward-Penalty scheme for personal cars. The average CO2 emissions of new vehicles registered in France has decreased from 149 g CO2/km in late 2007 to 130 g CO2/km in the first half of 2010.
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