Focal Point
Consejera Socorro Flores Liera
Directora General par Temas Globales
Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores - Edificio Tlatelolco, Plaza Juarez 20, Piso 14 Co. Centro - C.P. 06010. Mexico, D.F.

Side Events at Rio+20

Green economy Practices/Policies/Initiatives in Mexico
  • Mexico City Bus Rapid Transit
    In 2005, Mexico City opened Metrobus, a Bus Rapid Transit System, along one of the city's busiest streets. It has, for example, contributed to the reduction of commute time from 1.5 hours to 1 hour for the route, and reduction of CO2 -emissions by 35,000 tons annually.
  • Mexico City's Green Plan
    Mexico City, one of the largest and once most polluted cities in the world, is demonstrating that an
    agenda shift toward environmental sustainability is possible.
  • National Development Plan
    The Mexican 2007-2012 National Development Plan strengthens sustainability criteria in the government's procurement policy.
Background papers/Position papers
  • National Development Plan (2006)
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