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International Maritime Organization (IMO)
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International Maritime Organization (IMO)
Focal Point
Mr. Stefan Micallef, Director,
Marine Environment Division


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Background papers/Position papers
Sustainable Maritime Development (International Maritime Organization (IMO))
What is Sustainable Maritime Development?
Through IMO, its Member States, civil society and the shipping industry are working together to ensure a continued and strengthened contribution towards a green economy and growth within a sustainable development

From Rio to Rio: 20 years of IMO action (International Maritime Organization (IMO))
IMO?s capacity building efforts to ensure sustainable maritime development

Technical Co-operation Brochure (International Maritime Organization (IMO))
Rationale and mandate for IMO?s Technical Co-operation Programme

Addressing marine biosafety through global partnerships (International Maritime Organization (IMO))
20 years ago, Agenda 21 called on IMO to take action to address the transfer of harmful organisms by ships? ballast water, which had
been identified as one of the major threats to the biodiversity and health of the world?s oceans.

Marine Electronic Highway (International Maritime Organization (IMO))
Innovative approach to maritime traffic management and marine environmental protection through the application of information systems.

Science for Sustainable Oceans (International Maritime Organization (IMO))
To provide authoritative, independent, interdisciplinary scientific advice to organizations and governments to support the
protection and sustainable use of the marine environment.

The Global Initiative:Partnership for enhanced oil spill response (International Maritime Organization (IMO))
While the oil and gas industry works to prevent oil spills, it also remains prepared by developing comprehensive contingency plans in cooperation with governments. These ensure a rapid response to anticipate and minimize the impacts of oil spills.

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